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Level Design

Civilized Crook

The game follows the journey and evolution of a fledgling gentleman thief, as he tackles the obstacles standing between him and a stolen family heirloom.


L.A.S.E.R is a chaotic 2v2 arena shooter, in which player will be shooting lasers and using the reflective mirrors and power ups to defeat enemy players . .

The Neon Guy

The neon guy was my first game that was made in the the Unreal Engine. The purpose of this project was to get a basic understanding of a platformer based on level beats,memorable moments, and the intensity curve.

Bone Voyage

Bone Voyage is an adventure game that takes place on a boat full with skeleton characters. The player will explore the entire boat for answers.Will the skeletons be stuck on this boat for ever?

Unreal Tournament Level

I got the exercise from school to create an Unreal Tournament Level in 8 weeks. I did many playtest sessions by using a heatmap in which I could gather all the information about interesting points during the playtest session. At week 7 I did a little art pass in which I could make some props and show the feeling and the tone of the level.

Coming soon!


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